Resultex encounters countless organisations with archaic processes for onboarding people. Sometimes this can take weeks.

Worse still, off-boarding sometimes never happens. And even when it does, asset identification and retrieval can be very adhoc.

Using the enabling technology of Okta, Resultex has developed an On Boarding, Off Boarding lifecycle solution that brings simplification to this process. This solution:

  • Integrates with your Okta directory and with your other identity stores.

  • Allows you to allocate access to the needed applications simply. No longer do you need to copy another user.

  • Automatically provision access to in-house and cloud applications from one place

  • Monitor other asset allocations such as access cards, laptops, mobiles etc.

  • Set calendar events to control off-boarding. e.g. specific contractor contract end date at which time access automatically ceases

  • Freeze things such as mailboxes, cloud drives etc. when access expires.

  • Easily extend tenure, add applications and assets to people over the duration of their engagement