Once upon a time (a long time ago it seems), your IT department created the applications and solutions that users needed. IT lead the users. Now users find and use whatever applications they want, whether their IT department supplies them or not. Users are now in control.

These applications, if they aren't provided or sanctioned by IT, become "ShadowIT" and brings risks that needed to be understood and controlled.

Understand your use of over 25,000 available cloud services. Which ones are risky, which steal your IP or sell your data. Know where they are hosted, what accreditations (if any) their datacentres have. Is your data encrypted? Is the service known to have been breached? Do they keep your data even if you cancel their service?

+ 50 other attributes. 

McAfee MVISION’s ShadowIT solution allows you to understand and take control of user-lead cloud adoption, to understand what data is going where and to quantify and remediate the associate risks.