Once your data leaves your enterprise and goes into the cloud, your on-premise security controls no longer apply.

Understand and then control where your data goes and what people are allowed to do with your data once it arrives. Gain control of you IaaS, PaaS and SaaS platforms. Integrate with any existing DLP policies. Track anomalies and threats. All form one place.

Accelerate your business by harnessing the best while controlling the worst of cloud.

Your organisation may already use or license a number of sophisticated software products. Much of it cloud-based.

You may also use hyperscale platform providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Google. And while you may control which users have access to these, do you have control of your data once it arrives in these services: where it goes from there, who your users collaborate with and send your data to.

Skyhigh has a raft of tools that allow you visibility and control of these applications and platforms.

  • Skyhigh for Office Custom Applications

  • Skyhigh for ServiceNow

  • Skyhigh for DropBox

  • Skyhigh for Google Drive

  • Skyhigh for Cisco Spark

  • Skyhigh for Office 365

  • Skyhigh for Office Box

  • Skyhigh for Office Salesforce

  • Skyhigh for Office Amazon Web Services

  • Skyhigh for Office Slack