Technology and business services

Resultex and its sister company, Inov8 can provide a complete range of technology and business services, with a total focus on quality and practicality.

Resultex prides itself in taking a business-orientated approach to delivering outcomes through technology. We believe that technology is there to support achievement of business objectives and initiatives, not drive or restrict them.

Our ability to deliver results that meet customer needs, timeframes and financial budgets is outstanding.  Our success is based firmly on knowing what works well. Our people are at the top end of the market, widely experienced with proven results and operate with a large dose of pragmatism. Collectively these attributes have made Resultex a trusted adviser to some of the largest organisations in the country.



Lvl 4, 44 Victoria Street
Wellington,  6143
New Zealand

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(64) 4 471-2471

Key services

Technology investment

Resultex assists in the development of business strategy for enterprises where technology has major strategic relevance. We bring the expertise and experience necessary to help you develop an effective technology investment strategy.

Business consulting

Resultex provides a wide range of business consulting services that include business continuity planning, quality assurance, reviews and strategic planning. We are outcome-focused and we are flexible in the way we engage with our clients. 

Project resourcing

The skilled project planning and implementation resources from Resultex will ensure that you will make it past the finish line on time. Like our executive leasing, you receive the company’s full support and quality assurance with every engagement. 


Executive leasing

If you are in need of specialist help to fill a specific role, Resultex has professionals who have extensive experience in every aspect of IT management. When you hire through us, you do not just get one highly qualified person, you get the backing of Resultex. 

Software development

Inov8 is our sister company and responsible for our Software Development Services


Resultex were effective, pragmatic and understood Landcorp’s requirements resulting in an excellent ISSP for Landcorp to take forward.
— Richard Perry, Landcorp